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Written by Noor Tabassum

Ever have we given a deep thought as to how fortunate we are to be sane? Have you ever visited a mental asylum and seen physically ordinary people like us, but mentally disturbed and unbalanced? Friends, being physically healthy is not the only criteria; we need to maintain our mental health.

One day, I got a chance to visit a mental asylum with my aunt, who works for an NGO. She was asked to come and attend an unusual case of a woman. In the beginning, I was reluctant to visit, but when my aunt insisted that I should visit so that I can be grateful for what I have, I agreed.

As we approached the asylum, my heartbeat increased. I was wondering what sort of people I will encounter. As we entered, I saw people who looked so beautiful but had lost their senses. I saw many people with messy hair laughing loudly, many with no sense of clothes, many lost in their world, many unusually staring at us. All those sights sent goosebumps through me. As many were still young, I pitied their conditions. We always consider physical illness a significant issue, but mental illness is a graver issue than it. What is the value of life spending it aimlessly? They were completely cut off from the world we live in.

Anyways, we went to a particular patient. She was a young woman in her late twenties. She was gorgeous. When we saw her, her hair was spread over her face, clothes were torn, and she went on staring at the ground. Her eyes were red, and she looked too serious. When we went into her cabin, the nurse told her that she had a visitor. When she was repeatedly told, she looked at us and started saying, “Did you bring my Aryan and my Ravi?”

My aunt and I looked confused. When we did not answer, she grew wild and started crying loudly and rolling on the ground. We were frightened. We were asked to come out and visit the warden for her case study.

When we went to the warden, she explained to us her story.

Her name was Khusboo. She was a normal, beautiful, college-going girl who fell in love with a boy called Ravi. As they both belonged to different castes, their parents disagreed with their marriage. When things got worse, they left their homes, married each other, and settled in a different city. Since both were educated, they earned a decent amount to start a family. After five years of leading a happy life, khusboo was pregnant. Life seemed celestial. The couple was thrilled. Ravi always took good care of Khusboo and never gave her a chance to complain. He considered her his queen. As far as Khusboo was concerned, Ravi was her world. As both were away from parents, who did not want them back, they were vital to each other.

As Khusboo reached seven months, Ravi asked her to quit her job and take a rest. She agreed and soon gave birth to a cute baby boy. They named him Aryan. Now their life was more beautiful. They were ecstatic. They would play with Aryan the entire day, and he was their lifeline. Khusboo was so involved in her family that she forgot the entire world. She was busy in her little magical world.

As time passed, Aryan became five years old. He was brilliant and naughty. His parents got him admitted to the best school in the town. All these days, they never came across anything unpleasant. Every day was filled with roses. But where does the time permit one to stay in the same condition? We are always in the constant test of life.

One fine evening, during a specific occasion, there was an argument between two religious’ clergies. The argument gave rise to admonishments and that to a fight. The fight increased to such an extent that the entire city came into its adversity. People grew mad. They behaved like hooligans entering houses and killing each other. They lost the sense of recognizing whether it was a kid or a woman. They were simply crazy. Aryan had been to a shop with his father when the riot broke up. He was too small and innocent to understand all this. When Ravi heard the voices, he knew that something was fishy. He rushed towards his house, lifting Aryan. He asked Aryan not to answer any questions asked by the stranger. As they approached their home, hiding and stealthily, a mob from nowhere approached them. It was filled with people who were filled with fury and madness.

As they saw Ravi, they started asking him to which religion he belongs. Hearing the voice of Aryan crying, Khusboo opened the door. Ravi was confused to answer. Khusboo wore her veil on the head. Seeing her wearing it that way, they assumed he was a Muslim and slaughtered him before her eyes. He dropped Aryan on the ground and fell dead. Khusboo yelled at the top of his lungs that he was a Hindu. Listening to her, they went away without hurting Aryan. Khusboo rushed to Ravi, who was now counting his last breathes. She placed his head on her lap and screamed for help. Her voice went over deaf ears.

As she was screaming and shrieking, another group came from nowhere. They saw her in veil and asked her what the problem was? She asked them to help her. They asked her religion, Aryan innocently utter Hindu. They killed Aryan and pierced a knife in Khusboo’s back too. Immediately they could hear a police siren, and the mob dispersed.

Aryan came to his mom bleeding and embraced her. She was bleeding too but gave a painful scream and fell unconscious.

When she gained consciousness, she was admitted to a hospital. Her first words to come out of her mouth were, “How are Aryan and Ravi?”

Initially, she was told that they were in ICU and nothing to worry about, but when she became strong enough to bear the dreadful news, she was told that they both were dead and buried. She gave an awful scream and fell unconscious again. When she came to her senses, again she asked the same question, and when repeated, she fell unconscious again. This repeated action caused her brain to react adversely. She started snatching people’s kids and throwing things at others. She would get petrified to see a crowd. She would yell at the top of the voice that she was a Muslim, and her hubby was a Hindu. She would tell people to kill her. She would sometimes take a knife and run behind people. When things were uncontrollable, she was admitted to the mental asylum.

That night, I cried a lot at our hypocritic society. Who gave us the right to impose their faith on others? Where were we heading? Religion is the purest and private affair. It is the faith to be followed by the individual. Everybody has the right to follow what they believed in. why should we force people to follow what we follow? Are we robots to think alike? What are we achieving by killing each other? Is it the solution? Are we happy if the whole world gets empty because they do not believe in our faith? Why can’t we live happily respecting each other? Who is responsible for destroying the life of that girl? Who will bring back her lost smile and hope?

If we do not respect each other and live with peace and harmony, a day will come when we will all die killing each other as the dinosaurs killed each other. We will be no better than those brutes. LET US LIVE AND LET LIVE.

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