Going viral! Baby XAE A-Xii joins in video call with billionaire dad Elon Musk! – Times of India

We are all aware of the challenges of the pandemic and hybrid working- connectivity issues, background noises and visitors popping in the frame unannounced. If you are a working parent, you would know that the ‘funny’ struggles are all too real! And, if you thought such interruptions only occurred for normal people, think again!

World’s richest billionaire and global celebrity Elon Musk recently became the most ‘relatable’ working parent for millions of parents around the world when his one-year-old son dropped in to say hi during his presentation!

Musk, who was delivering a special presentation for his aeronautical company, Space X was recently joined by his baby, who may just be even more famous thanks to his special name, XAE A-Xii, and the video won over the internet who have been vying to get a closer look at Musk and his baby! While Musk, 50,talked about space and the company’s dealings, the little one rested in his lap all through the presentation. Might we add, the presentation went on without a hiccup or tantrum!

Watch this video below to spot the excited baby getting fascinated about outer space!

All the fans found this father-son moment absolutely adorable and soon enough, it went viral on social media. The video proves that you can be the richest man on earth, but everybody experiences the same ‘dad’ moments!

While Musk continued to deliver his talk, fans also managed to snap some adorable baby baubles, when he was fascinated by rockets appearing on the computer screen. He was later carried away since he kept tapping the desk.

Curiosity around the baby’s name continues to baffle the internet

XAE A-Xii, who was born in May 2020 has been famous on the internet ever since he was born. While netizens came across adorable photos of the fifth-time father holding the little one in his hands, his unique name became the center of a lot of jokes and memes. The parents, singer Grimes and dad Musk actually had to issue an explanation behind choosing such a name.

In another hilarious moment, Elon Musk ‘accidentally’ forgot his own child’s name when he was quizzed by an interviewer. The child’s name was later changed to a simpler name, X AE-xii to comply with the law. He is also fondly referred to as Baby X by his family.

Baby interruptions rule the internet

This is not the first time a child has interrupted their parent’s video call. Just recently, New Zealand PM, Jacinda Arden was interrupted by her daughter during a video call in a hilarious way! The famous PM soon hushed her daughter to go back to sleep.

Years before, the most famous video call interruption which went viral on the internet was seen when a BBC news telecaster’s daughter barged into the room while her father was reporting live. Through the course of the pandemic and hybrid working setups, social media has also witnessed a lot other parenting goof-ups and interruptions which are just so relatable. Some of the children have turned into mini internet sensations, crashing into their parent’s video calls and meetings!